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Windshield Repair Is Time Tested And Proven

Last updated Monday, September 16, 2013Since 1972, the development of more sophisticated tools and superior resins has enabled windshield repair to become an economically, environmentally and physically sound process which, when properly performed by a trained professional, can do the

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Windshield Repair Saves Money

Last updated Monday, September 16, 2013Are you kidding me??? Gas is over four dollars a gallon?!?!? Give me a break! With gas prices escalating like there is no tomorrow, we southern California drivers are looking for ways to cut costs

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Windshield Repair Is Green

Last updated Monday, September 16, 2013Twenty-three years of doing windshield repair is a lot of saved money and natural resources! Since Stargone Windshield Repair first opened for business here in Riverside over twenty-three years ago, we have repaired tens of

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