Windshield Repair Is Green

Twenty-three years of doing windshield repair is a lot of saved money and natural resources!

Since Stargone Windshield Repair first opened for business here in Riverside over twenty-three years ago, we have repaired tens of thousands of windshields. That is literally millions of dollars saved by our customers.

In addition to the dollar savings, another fantastic benefit of repairing and not replacing all those windshields is the green effect. Windshield repair is good for the environment.

Why? Because windshields are not recyclable.

Every repaired windshield means less in our Inland Empire landfills, and fewer resources used. That’s good for all of us.

Don’t wait until that rock chip damage has spread! Call us while the damage is still small, and still repairable. If the damage spreads beyond the size of a quarter (25 cent coin), we might not be able to save the windshield. By all means, call us even if it has spread, just to be sure.

Call today! (951)232-7923

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