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If you need a new windshield, we’ve got you covered!

Last updated Tuesday, October 13, 2015   We are proud of the fact that we specialize in windshield repair only. That’s because we believe that windshield repair is as much an art as it is a job. Since our founding

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7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Call A Windshield Repair Company

Last updated Wednesday, April 23, 2014 1. How long can I go without the use of my vehicle? With Stargone Windshield Repair, the average time it takes to repair the chip in your windshield is fifteen minutes…start to finish. Once

Ridesharing On Demand, A New Way To Get Around

Last updated Saturday, March 29, 2014What Ridesharing Is People in some of the county’s largest markets have a new way to get around, and I predict that it won’t be too long before the Inland Empire will have it, too.

Don’t Turn On That Defroster!

Last updated Tuesday, October 29, 2013A crack like this can spread quickly, especially on a cold morning with the defroster running. When a rock hits your windshield near the bottom of the glass and causes a crack, chances are good

Autumn Can Be Hard On Your Windshield

Last updated Wednesday, October 2, 2013The weather’s changing. It won’t be long and we’ll be turning on the defrosters on our windshields in the morning. WAIT! Don’t do that if you have a break in your windshield. The hot air

The Cost of Compromise

Last updated Monday, September 16, 2013 “I don’t care how good the repair is. Use bubble gum for all I care,” said the client’s representative. “Sorry, that’s not how I do things,” said I. ” I do the best repair

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