The Heat Is On

We’ve already had some near 100 degree days here in the Inland Empire, which means NOW is the time to repair that star in your windshield.


Because big temperature variations in the glass are one of the leading causes of that damage spreading. And once the damage spreads, you’ll be looking for someone to replace your windshield, not repair it.

So what can you do until we come out to repair your windshield for you? Here are some tips that MIGHT postpone the damage from spreading:

1. Whenever possible, keep the vehicle in the shade. Direct sunlight can quickly heat that windshield to nearly 200 degrees!

2. Roll the side windows down ever-so-slightly. This will help to keep the temperature equalized between outside temperature and inside temperature. In a sealed car, the inside temperature rises VERY quickly, which also increases the pressure. That pressure, combined with the extremely high temperature of the windshield, can cause that small chip to become a very long, unrepairable crack.

3. Never, never, never put your car through a car wash with an unrepaired chip in your windshield, ESPECIALLY on a hot day! The cold water will almost certainly cause the damage to spread.

As a matter of fact, don’t worry about cleaning the windshield before we get there to repair it for you. When we’ve completed the repair, we will clean it for you.

If you do these things you will have a better chance of keeping the damage from spreading before we get to your location to repair your windshield. However, these tips will probably not stop it forever.

The safest thing is for you to call us right now to make the appointment. As always, we will come to your location and give you the professional service we have been providing for the past twenty years.

Call today. (951)232-7923. Tell us you saw this article and we’ll give you a 10% discount.

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