Three Easy Steps You Can Do To Get The Best Possible Windshield Repair

After you call Stargone Windshield Repair at (951)232-7923 and make an appointment for us to come to your location to repair your vehicle’s windshield, there are a few simple things you can do to get the best possible results.

I know, you thought that once you called us, it was all in our hands to give you a great repair. For the most part, that’s true. Calling Stargone Windshield Repair is by far your best decision of the day! 🙂

But you can help yourself even more by following these simple steps:

1. Do NOT get the windshield wet before we get there. This means

a. DO NOT wash the vehicle
b. DO NOT clean the windshield
c. DO park the car in the garage overnight if possible, if our appointment is scheduled for another day. If you cannot park the car in a garage, put some tape over the damaged area to keep moisture out.
d. DO NOT drive in the rain.

2. Keep the vehicle in the shade if possible. There have been several times that we have arrived at a client’s location only to find that the heat of the day has caused the damage to spread beyond what is repairable.

3. Roll the side windows down just slightly, to help keep the heat and pressure from building up inside the cab.

By following these few simple steps, you’ll be doing your part to help insure the best possible windshield repair on your car or truck.